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Chris and Jessica are professional photographer's based in Springfield, IL. Every year they choose a special group of high-school students and venture out on a series of unique and exciting photo sessions. Their vision is to create a positive environment where the seniors can make lifelong friendships and build confidence through the art of photography and film.

What is the Senior Model Ambassador program?

Becoming a Senior Model Ambassador for Chris Withers Photography is by exclusive invitation only. Chris and Jessica carefully consider every student and choose those they believe will inspire and become positive role models for the SMA program.

How we choose our SMA's

Click the "Apply Now" button below for the chance to invited to our upcoming model call in the studio on March 12th. We will meet in person to get to know all the potential SMA's before making our final decisions. We will also share more details on the stuff we have planned for Senior Model Ambassador's.

Apply now for a chance to be invited to our model call in the studio on March 12th.

The second we walked into the studio with Chris and Jessica they made us feel at home and my nerves instantly disappeared. Chris is not just a photographer, he is an artist with a passion for photography that I’ve never seen before. We had the best time and I’m telling every everyone out there looking for a photographer for their wedding.. stop now. You have found him!

Kayla Marie

Chris is very personable and professional. I loved that he utilized his own artistic creativity, yet it was still very important to him that our own "vision" for our photos was attained. Loved working with him!

Kristi Lecocq

I am in awe of the artwork Chris and Jessica create. They go above and beyond the call of a photographer and have an eye for detail that most miss. I could say thank you every day for the rest of my life and it wouldn't begin to touch the amount of gratitude I have for Chris and Jessica. Thank you both so much for everything.

Toryn Kolodziejski 

Chris was fantastic and professional from beginning to end. He is very thoughtful and personal in his approach. He created a very relaxed environment, especially for someone who is not used to having photos taken. He helped with everything from clothing choices to hair static.  I will definitely use him again.

Betsy Londrigan

Both Chris and his wife Jessica went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for our session. They even spent a few hours out in the freezing cold so that we could have the winter pictures that we wanted! Jessica literally gave me the gloves off of her hands to help keep mine warm! Of course they turned out AMAZING! We LOVE Chris' artistic touches that he puts into his work. We were hesitant about the price at first but Chris Withers Photography is definitely worth every penny!

Brittany Beler

Wow wow wow!!!!!! We are so blown away on how amazing each and every moment you captured was!!! Thank you guys so much I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with the outcome! THANK YOU!!!! 

Molly Henry



Chris Withers Photography Senior Model Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions

  Eligibility: The Chris Withers Photography Senior Model Ambassador Program is open to all high school students who are graduating in 2023 and 2024. CWP will not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, sex, gender, religion, or any other protected characteristic. SMA's will be chosen after the model call on March 12th in our downtown studio.

    Investment: If a student is chosen to be a part of the Chris Withers Photography Senior Model Ambassador Program, there is a required investment. The investment amount will be discussed and agreed upon with the student and their parents/guardians prior to the start of the program.

    Representation: As a participant in the Chris Withers Photography Senior Model Ambassador Program, we are excited to have you represent our brand in a professional and appropriate manner. We ask that during the time you are acting as a Senior Model Ambassador, you refrain from working with or representing any other photographers for photo sessions. This helps to ensure that our brand is represented consistently and effectively.

    Reschedule: Chris Withers Photography reserves the right to reschedule any session at any time. Updates will be provided to all SMA's and parents.

    Chris Withers Photography has a strict no-tolerance policy against bullying. We pride ourselves on protecting our SMA's and creating an amazing experience for everyone involved. Any student engaged in bullying conduct will be immediately dismissed from the program without refund.

    Release: By participating in the Chris Withers Photography Senior Model Ambassador Program, the student and their parents/guardians agree to release Chris Withers Photography and its employees from any and all liability arising from participation in the program.

    Use of Images: By participating in the Chris Withers Photography Senior Model Ambassador Program, the student and their parents/guardians agree to allow Chris Withers Photography to use any images taken during the program for promotional and marketing purposes.