Chris Withers

Our family, dearest friends, and clients know us as Chris & Jessica. We're also fondly referred to as The Bearded Photographer and Ginger Snap! As a husband and wife team, we travel the the states capturing stunning images of incredible people and places.

We cherish the new friendships we forge with every chance encounter. Life is too short not to embrace the chaos, indulge in sarcasm, and find laughter in moments of awkward silence. We hope you'll consider contacting us for your next photography adventure, allowing us to help tell and be part of your unique story.

Here are a few things that hold a special place in our hearts:

+ God
+ Family & Friends
+ Our dogs, Gizmo and Gracie
+ Crisp fall weather
+ A perfectly made cup of coffee
+ A lingering day of rain while editing to a good playlist
+ The TV shows: Suits, Below Deck, Big Bang Theory, and Ink Master
+ Spontaneous road trips
+ You can bribe us with Pizza or Tacos
+ Favorite shooting location? Ask me in person.

What are some things you are keeping close to your heart about this next photo shoot? Let's talk about that!

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