"If you are serious about being a photographer and wish to be more creative as an artist - this series of photography courses can get you on the right path. These fun and informative (one-on-one) classes are designed to help you become a better photographer."



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I know there are many courses out there for an individual to participate in online. These courses are different for one main reason. My courses are one-on-one and tailored around you. When you combine one-on-one lessons with a hands-on personal experience - you will notice that you save a lot of time and trouble learning the skills needed to become the type of photographer you wish to be. Each course begins in my studio and can last up to 6 hours.

Imagine how quickly you will learn when you are in a studio environment without distractions or other students. This course series gives you the chance to ask personal questions and learn all the secrets that took Chris years to learn. Chris will work with side by side with you as you evolve your skills. You can take one course, or you can take them all. It is entirely up to you how far you wish to take your passion of photography.

Here is some of the great benefits when taking a course series like this.

+ One-on-one personal training

+ Ask personal questions without other students distracting you

+ Plan the courses on dates flexible to your schedule 

+ Work alongside Chris as you both photograph a trained model

A better way of learning

I love my studio. It inspires me every time I walk inside. Our course will begin with a conversation over coffee or tea. We will break down every topic and make sure you clearly understand everything we talk about before moving forward. This atmosphere is a great place to learn the art of photography.

Learning in a studio environment

Learn how to use your camera in everyday situations. The more you know about what your camera is capable of can help you develop a style as an artist. This course will take you through basic camera explanation along with tips from Chris on how to shoot in several real life situations. During this course you will get to work along-side Chris as you photograph an experienced model.

camera mastery

course one

investment | $595

This course will take you through several lighting techniques. It does not matter if you are interested in natural or studio lighting - you must learn to adapt in all situations. If you wish to jump to another level and provide effective and life saving lighting to your shoots, this course will change your life. 

let there be light

course two

investment | $595

During this course we will perform basic, intermediate and advanced post processing. Chris will teach you processing techniques he performs with everyday clients. He will also give you tips on how to protect and work with your data.


course three

investment | $595

This course will go over many tips that teach you how to build your business. These tips and strategies have been proven successful through Chris's own business brand. Your business will need a name, logo, 5 year plan, structure and so much more. Without a disciplined business plan even the greatest photographer could fail.

It will also take you through tips and strategies on how to increase the popularity of your business. We will talk about options for how to build your website, Facebook and other social networks. You will also be allowed to use some of the photography in previous courses as portfolio pieces. You will also learn a bunch of other small tricks to increase clientele. 


course four

investment | $595

Each course individually is $595. If you decide to do all 4 courses we will discount $100 per course. This will be a total savings of $400!

Terms and conditions

33% is due at the time of reserving your first course date. Another 33% will be due on the day of the first course. The final payment will be due at the beginning of your second course. 

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