Chris Withers is a loving husband and award winning photographer located in Springfield,IL. He and his wife, Jessica, have spent over a decade gaining expertise as leading stylists and photographers in this industry. Having worked with countless models and businesses, they've carefully studied what makes a model go from mediocre to greatness. Chris and Jess have developed this course series for those that aspire to achieve their highest potential as a model.

Are you creative, passionate and ready? This might be the jump-start you need. The only way to know is to take the leap!

about us

The world of modeling is becoming extremely competitive. This program was created to teach you priceless secrets on how to stand out in a crowd of competition. We will also put you in front of the camera and help you create an amazingly unique portfolio you can reveal to the world. Witnessing a novice model expand their confidence and knowledge as they excel in this program is truly inspiring.

We are offering two amazing collections at two different price points. Please take the time to carefully review what is in each collection and choose the one best suited for you and your budget.


more about the model JUMP-start program

This collection includes everything we can think of that will make you the best model you can be. If you are ready to become a model and want an advantage over your competition, this collection will be our highest recommendation.

What's included

* Online Model Guide + 2 Hour Training Course & Behind the Scenes Model Demonstration
* Six Hour Photo Session
* Multiple Locations
* Multiple Outfit Changes
* Professional Hair + Makeup Done/Maintained by Master-Stylist
* 30 Advanced Processing (magazine worthy) Images + Commercial Release
* Exclusive Invites to Casting Calls and Creative Projects


collection one

take the leap

This collection is designed for those that have the dream to model but need to pay attention to a budget as well. There is room to grow from here.  

What's included

* Online Model Guide
* Phone Consultation
* Two Hour Photo Session
* Up to Two Locations
* Up to 3 Outfit Changes
* Professional Hair and Makeup Done/Maintained by Master-Stylist
* 10 Advanced Processing (magazine worthy) Images + Commercial release


collection two

dip a toe

Come prepared to learn everything you need to know to begin a career in modeling. The course will take place at the studio 1 to 4 weeks prior to your photo shoot and lasts about two hours. You will learn amazing tips and secrets that will prepare you for your photo shoot and beyond. This course is only included in Collection one. You will learn...

* How to master posing.
* What you should be doing when you arrive to a photo-shoot.
* How to stand out to photographers, clients and other models.
* Social media you should be using and how.
* Model demonstration in the studio.
* How to build a proper modeling kit.

ABOUT THE course

Our focus with your photo shoot is to create a unique and diverse portfolio of images that you can use to jump-start your career as a model. We will have an amazing time creating different looks with outfits, lighting, location and more. 


Why is there only 30 images included in collection one and 15 images in collection two?

There is a misconception in the industry that more images is better. That is not true. Better images is better.  We take time setting up shots that will be different and beautifully lit. We focus on taking photographs worthy of magazines. We want to give you photos that will command attention at casting calls. Here is something to keep in mind.  A professional photo shoot with the some of the best photographers in the world can take 3 hours to obtain just one single look for a magazine cover. If you need a bunch of images, ask your aunt, uncle or best friend that just bought a new camera. I'm sure they need the practice anyways. :)

What does the training course teach and why do i need it?

The course is designed to prepare you for your photo shoot. It will take place in the studio and generally takes about two hours. We will talk about everything from posing to business techniques that will get you hired more as a model. The secrets and tips you will learn here are crucial for furthering your career as a model. 

Can I add the hair and makeup master stylist if I do Collection two?

Yes. She is available at request for an additional $300 investment.

What should I wear?

Outfit choices is a collaboration. We can have a more in-depth conversation about this after we learn more about you and the model you wish to become. This conversation will be had during your training course.

When can I expect the photography to be ready?

Editing your portfolio is a difficult challenge from the artist perspective. My goal is to give you images that will be unique and ready to impress. Please be patient with us. We will contact you when they are ready. I put a lot of passion in the editing process. Short answer? 30 days. :)

What is a commercial release?

A commercial release is needed when you plan to use any of our photography for your business needs. This release will grant you all permissions needed for monetary gain. Commercial releases can often be $100 per photo.

What are exclusive invites?

When you do Collection One you will enter into a small club of exclusive members. You will be the first invited to any future casting calls or creative shoots we are part of that we fill you would fit the roll for. This will put you in front of those decision makers and give you the best chance at being chosen to model.  

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